Alphaville 2018 Ultimate Band Experience

May 25 - 28 2018 Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Do I have to pay for it all at once?

A) No, you may pay a $200 deposit, and then the balance will be charged on each 30 days (amount charged is divided by the number of 30 days available). There is a $9.95 processing fee for the installment plan option.

Q2) Is airfare included in the complete package?

A) Airfare is not included.

Q3) Can I have more than 2 people in my hotel room?

A) We can accommodate rooms for triple and quadruple occupancy. Please contact us for this accommodation.

Q4) Are there any additional fees?

A) Not really! Only additional fees are the installment plan handling charges ($9.95 per installment, and you can pay in full anytime to avoid the fees).

Q5) What meals are included?

A) For complete package, breakfast is included. Everyone gets the dinner on the Sunday night. The rest of the meals are your responsibility.

Q6) Can I come before the 25th or stay longer than the 28th?

A) You are welcome to come before the date and stay longer.  The additional hotel nights are avaiable- contact us for details.

Q7) How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

A) We would recommend a quick UBER or LYFT method from airport to hotel and back.

 Q8) What hotel is this going to be at?

The hotel will be the 4-star famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Down Town LA. Yes, the band will be staying in the same hotel. The rooms will have WIFI and breakfast included.

Q9) Can I buy a ticket just to one night of the concert?

A) No. This is not just a concert. It is an Ultimate Band Experience. Think of it as a weekend of vacation with your favorite band.

Q10) Do I have to stay at the hotel?

A), No, you may purchase the Fan Package, and stay in your choice of hotel or a friend. We recommend the hotel option to fully take advantage of the experience (meeting other fans, etc).

Q11) What is in the swag bag?

A) Lots of goodies! Many of the items are TBD, but will include audio CD, DVD/Blue-Ray box sets of both shows and much much more.

Q12) When do I need to be in Los Angeles?

A) The start date is May 25th. Hotel check in time will be 2PM. We recommend you arrive early and get ready for the experience, which will begin around 6PM. Fully paid package holders will get a full schedule.

Q13) Where are the meet and greets? How long is the meet and greet?

A) In the hotel you will be staying in. The M&G will be broken down into small groups of 50 to 60 fans and will be about 1 hour long, giving enough time for everyone to enjoy it.

Q14) Who is organizing this project?

A) This project is being organized by the only 2 entities who have brought Alphaville to USA- Brady Harper (Utah Salt Lake City 1999) and LA Concert Group (2017 5 State tour of USA).



Memorial Weekend 2018

Friday May 25

Saturday May 26th

Sunday May 27th

Monday May 28th


The Hotel stay is TBA. The shows will take place at the historic Whisky a Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA


There are 2 packages available for this experience. 1) Full package with hotel and VIP Experience, and 2) VIP Experience only.

Why Attend

Join the world wide Alphaville Fans for a unique chance to spend a vacation week in LA with your favorite band- you'll get to see 2 full (different sets) shows at the historic Whisky a Go Go, stay in a first rate hotel, enjoy M&G, and party with the band! And you receive a great swag bag full of goodies (including DVD of the both shows with your name in credits!)


For ticketing support and event questions email LA ConcertGroup contact@laconcertgroup.comor call 818.538.4911